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Thursday, June 27, 2013

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How to chat on facebook using your 2go

» Date: June 27, 2013

How to chat on facebook using your 2go app

I know that to most of you guys, browsing your facebook through your 2go might be an outdated thing or a thing of the past.
So many people now chat on facebook with their 2go app and it has been helping them because it reduces bundle usage. They see all their friends on Facebook and can easily chat with them courtesy of the new mobile 2go gateway.
Users who use opera mini to chat on facebook see a tab option tagged chat and this tab contains all the list of Facebook friends online at that moment and this makes it easier for a quick conversation to ensue.This tab is the pathway used to chat on the 2go app.

Facebook as we know it is one of the oldest and the best social networking sites in existence and still people most preferred and has more than 10 billion users and about 1 million registering every day.
So many businesses have succeeded through facebook and so many others have met their life partners through facebook too.
2go vs facebook
Enough about knowing about facebook lets go to the main matter of the day. How to browse on facebook using your 2go application.
2go is the of the most used mobile chat application in Nigeria as of 2013 because of it accepting all java enabled mobile devices. 2go vs facebook
Even mobile phones as low Nokia 3110 can easily use the 2go app.

Well, 2go has become more fun now as it has been enabled to open a gateway to facebook Gtalk, yahoo mail and so many other which for brevity I would not mention.

Now follow these steps to open your own gateway between your 2go app and your Facebook account.

1. Log in to your facebook2go vs facebook using your opera mini and then scroll to your profile. click on the info and copy the one you see as your facebook page name/username and store safely.
2 login to your 2go account and scroll down to settings. Click on the gateway and enter ACTIVATE.
3. Once you have done this, all you got to do is to type in the facebook page name or username you got from your facebook account and then press enter. Then for security reasons, i.e to detect that the account you want to create a pathway or gateway to is our own, you are required to input your facebook password.

With this, you are done creating a gateway from your facebook account to your 2go app and this will enable you to chat with all your Facebook friends using your 2go account without logging into your facebook2go vs facebook via opera mini or FB chat.