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Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Uniport Post Utme Test | All You need to Know (UPDATED)

» Date: July 21, 2013
The University of Portharcourt Post Utme Screening Exercise/Exams is a Major Requirement that all Prospective Applicants who wish to undertake any of the Institution's Accredited Courses must Write and Pass Successfully to stand a chance to be Admitted to Study their Dream Courses in the University.

This is in line with the policies of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board - JAMB.

 The University of Portharcourt - Uniport has released its Timetable for Candidates who want to write the Post Utme Examination.

This Examination is only allowed for Candidates who are Eligible for Tertiary institution Admission.

For an Aspiring Student to be eligible to write the Post Utme in Uniport and be successfully admitted ( and virtually all other Tertiary institutions that are approved by the Government) , the candidate must have Sat for and written the West African Examination Council - WAEC Examinations and obtained at least 7 Credits in all the required subjects with Chemistry, Physics and Biology being Compulsory for all Science/Engineering related Courses and Government, Commerce/Economics and Accounting being required for art related courses.

Note: English and Mathematics are Compulsory for Admission and should not be skipped.

The Candidates must also have obtained 180 and Above in the Jamb Examinations( although cut-off marks for certain departments like law, medicine and dentistry and all other Medical Related courses will be higher but vary).

All You Need To Know Before Going For Uniport  Post UTME Examinations

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The First thing you should know about the Uniport Post Utme Test is that it is a Computer Based Test - CBT.

This means this Exam is going to be written on a computer, so there is no need for papers and calculation sheets.

Although there will still be Mathematics questions you will make use of your Calculators as no Papers or books are allowed into the CBT Exam Halls.

Secondly, all Candidates should always be on the lookout for the TimeTable for their Exams.

The Schools Management have always made this information available for the Candidates Days or sometimes weeks to the Exams.

The Time Table is very important as it will give you valuable Information about your Exam like the Date for the Exam, The Center (or hall) to be Used, the Departments that would be writing on a particular date and sometimes new Instructions from the School Management concerning the examinations.

Aspiring Candidates Can Get The TimeTable easily from Uniport Official Website and then Scroll to the Admissions Tab where Uniport will keep you Updated constantly.

All Aspirants should be aware that there are many Scammers who try to rip applicants off their hard earned money by promising to Upgrade their Scores, Write the Exams for them, Or ' Do Admission Runs for them'.
They Are Scammers!!
These People have been there long before you and have taken money from other candidates who finally did not get the admission.
They go to the Extent of Developing a new website which they use, or sometimes clone the official Uniport website so that candidates will think they are on the legit site.
Some go ahead to Open Whatsapp Groups, Facebook Pages and Groups and lure students into scam them. Do not Believe Anyone who approaches you for that.
Some now run Tutorial groups where they will tutor you, win your trust and now lure you into the scam, PLEASE BEWARE!!


The CBT TEST will last for just 30minutes within which you are expected to have answered 50 questions in all four of your selected Subjects.
You will also see your CBT Test results immediately after you must have submitted.

Some candidates experience issues with their computers like the Mouse malfunctioning or the time running too fast, please if you encounter such issues, signal the invigilators to come to your aid but still continue to try to answer your questions until the invigilator gets to you, don't stop and wait, time is important.


The time for your Exam will also be included in your printed photo card.
You are Required to come with your Photocard that contains your passport, this is important else you might not be allowed to go into the exam hall.
All Documents you present must be coloured copies. This is just to keep you in the safe zone because they will ask for photocopied ones which you also have to go with.
Do not come out with important gadgets like your iPhone or a bag, you will not be allowed to go in with these ones and you stand a risk of losing them.
There are traders who will take money from you to safeguard your properties, but this is not safe and you never can be sure if they really are traders.
Get to Campus a day before your exams to get used to the environment, this is important to give you stability. Some many people come to campus on the day of their exams and start asking for directions and end up getting directed to the wrong place before they can get to the exam centre, they must have been late or they become very tired physically and mentally and this is really bad for your exams.
Please if there is Anything you think we have left out in this list, do let us know so that we can update this article.
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