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Monday, June 30, 2014

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Illuminati 666 and Monster health drink by Paul Nison

For a very long time now we have been seeing and hearing so much about the alleged cult group Illuminati
Well I was surfing (Read further)
 came across information and also received a video by Paul Nison on Illuminati and monster energy drinks.
Well according to Paul, so many energy drinks now in the market and from food stores across the globe are highly caffeinated Unhealthy drinks.
Also, we should beware of the symbols on them because so many signifies something deeper. Drinks like red bull , monster energy drink and so many others out there.
But for this post, we are going to settle for Monster energy drink.
Like the picture below this post, the symbols that make up the 'M' in monster is from a Hebrew symbol and each indicates the no. 6.
That means adding the 3 symbols, we get a 666 weird right??? But the advertisers know what they are doing.

       Further research and findings

Check the satchet of water sold for 10naira in the streets and observe closely. There is a reg. Box that has numbers and thick line in it. you will observe that each satchet has three 6's on them. Also, try your biscuit satchets, you will find same!

The End is near, this is not to make u scared but to make you aware of what's going on in our environment. Only GOD can save us!!!
Thanks to Paul nison for this revelation  .

Feed your eyes on some of the pics below!!!

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