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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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Female Venezuelan Reporter strips on Live Tv because Of Cristano Ronaldo

» Date: July 19, 2016
A TV presenter In Venezuela Yuvi Pallares stripped completely naked because of an already spicy Cristiano Ronaldo story while on Live Television.
strip naked
venezuelan presenter strips naked on live tv
The reporter's name is Yuvi Pallares.
She was reporting on rumours of a possible relationship between the Real Madrid Player Cristiano Ronaldo and Playboy model Daniella Chavez when she suddenly stripped down and bare all on live Tv.
The TV channel almost immediately blocked her private parts from view using a shade. They didn’t say if it was planned or if she came up with the idea all on her own.
Meanwhile, Playboy model Daniella Chavez had initially revealed that she likes to fantasise about Cristiano Ronaldo and he is top on her list.
Cristiano ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Here are some hot pictures of The Playboy Model Danielle Chavez

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