Beware of MMM scammers!!! Don't download the MMM app from Google play store

There is nothing these yahoo boys will not do!! Lol!! The hustle is real.
Anyways before I go on, I made a post a week back about MMM Mavrodi Mondial movement where you get 30% of whatever amount you deposited and even get bonuses attached to it in just 1 month and this will continue for as long as you want.
It is safe to know that the MMM does not have a central account and only make their money through online trafficking and some other processes.
Well, it has come to my notice that Yahoo boys are at it again.

They have developed an MMM app in Google play store.
This app is designed for the real website and will ask you to input your username and password and log you in to mmm. But the only problem is that your account details have just been sent to the wrongs hands.
When your commission has been paid and you are about to cash out, they will change your mmm details to their, redirect your money and close down your account. This is really terrible.

Please do not download nor log in to this app  it's not from MMM. . .. it's a spam app... its a way of collecting your login details and so they can gain access and hack your account. ..

Be warned!!!

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Do not let these scammers get to you!!!

Hope this helps.

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