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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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Bishop Oyedepos' Last daughter Joys Oyedepo reveals she is living a False Life

» Date: August 17, 2016

Bishop Oyedepos' daughter Joys Oyedepo reveals she is living a False Life

Honestly, pastors children expected by many to live an exemplary lifestyle like that of their parents are always under the scrutiny of the public. Most pastors’ children end up being wayward, which goes against the gospel preached by their parents. The pressure of living the live people feel you should live has really stopped many pastors’ kids from living their lives or being themselves.
bishop oyedepo daughter joys oyedepo
bishop Oyedepo's Daughter Joys Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo is a renowned man of God, but his last daughter  Joys seems to be fed up with living a fake life.Joys have been telling who cares to listen that she is different from her mum and sisters as she is crazy.

While many are of the opinion she is soiling the good name of her family, she is unruffled as she claims she just wants to be herself without having to live a life people expect her to live.

In her words: those who know me know I am crazy, I don’t blend in. I have always been an outcast by many. the more I try to fit in, the more I stood out. Tired of staying the same, I have come to accept the real me. There are people who expect me to be like my mother and sister, but I am me not ready to be anyone else.