Bomb Blast in Turkey Kill 50 people, injures 90 others after wedding Ceremony


bomb blast in turkey
the wedding guests in turkey
It was a tragedy at Istanbul in south-eastern Turkey late Saturday where a wedding ceremony held.

The wedding ceremony had just ended with the guests starting to go home when a suicide bomb tore through the whole Region.

The casualties of the bomb blast were recorded to about 50 people dead and 90 others having severe injuries.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a statement released by his publicity team said that the Islamic State militant group known as ISIS was behind the suicide attack on Saturday in the city of Gaziantep. He further revealed that ISIS aim was to create divisions among ethnic groups in the country and “spread incitement along ethnic and religious lines Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

More than 200 people were recorded to be present in the wedding at about 11pm at Kurdish street, District of Sahinbay which is close to the Syrian border.

Eyewitnesses speaking to reporters said “We had just walked past the wedding and offered our good wishes when we heard the blast,” said Ibrahim Ates, a local man. “Suddenly people started running past us.

When we went back to see what had happened, everyone was on the floor, and there were body parts scattered everywhere and blood splattered on the walls.

Many of the victims that died were children. The just wedded couple “Besna and Nurettin Akdogan, survived the attack and are in stable condition. Two months ago, suspected militants affiliated with the Islamic State militant group ISIS stormed Istanbul’s main airport with guns and bombs, killing at least 44 people.
Turkey is also shaky from a failed coup last month that aimed to overthrow the government of Mr Erdogan leading to the death of at least 240 people.

 The picture below shows scenes of the crisis and the aftermath of the blast at the wedding. Crowds gathered, shouting “God is the greatest” as forensic teams moved onto the site. Ambulances could be seen rushing to the scene and leaving with bodies covered in white sheets.
casualties of the bomb blast in Turkey
victims of bomb blast in Turkey
On Sunday, police found parts of a suicide vest in the area where the blast took place, the Gaziantep chief prosecutor’s office said in a statement. The victims of the bomb blast could not be buried because their bodies were torn into pieces.

Turkish Authorities are struggling to identify the victims,” said Hilmi Karaca, a Kurdish activist who witnessed the explosion.

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