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Thursday, August 04, 2016

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How To Download Videos From Facebook Using Save Step to Step Guide [Updated]

» Date: August 04, 2016

How To Download Videos From Facebook Using Save

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Facebook is the no. 1 social media website in the world!!

Every day, billions of Facebook users troop into Facebook to chat with friends, get the latest updates/news feeds, conduct businesses, promote their companies/associations and meet new people making Facebook the most patronised Social Network on Earth!!

There have been lots of tutorials that aids your usage of Facebook on the internet buttoday on T.b.I.b I will be showing you How to Download Facebook Videos into your Phones And laptops/computers without stress!!
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This tutorial is short and precise and I know you just can't wait to know How to identify and download Private/Public Facebook Videos into your phones/Laptops

You can Download Facebook videos into your phones, computers or tablet by

1. First Getting the Link to the Facebook Video you want to download

You can get the Link to the Facebook Video straight from the Facebook app or by using Opera mini, Ucweb browser, Mozilla firefox google chrome or any other internet browser you might employ by simply clicking on the video and copying the link that will appear at the Url box of the Browser.

2.Downloading the Facebook Video using

All you have to do is to open a new tab and Goto

You can Download Facebook Videos Directly from the website or by downloading Facebook Videos by first Downloading the Savefrom.netHelper and using it.

3. Now from the website, a box will appear asking you to input your video URL With an arrow at the end of the box!!

4. Click on the box and paste the Video URL

 Click on the box and paste theFacebook video URL you had already copied by holding Ctrl + V on your laptops/computers or hold down the area and click on the paste button that will appear on your mobile/Android Smartphones and then click on the arrow.
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5. The
Facebook video you want to download will appear and you select the Video Format I.e mp4,3gp,flv or any other format you want the video to be in and then download

Note: you can use this step to step guide to download YouTube,vimeo Videos