The Man Who Named His Dog 'Buhari' Gets Support From 20 Lawyers

The Man Who Named His Dog 'Buhari' Gets Support From 20 Lawyers

The Man Who named His Dog Buhari

Nigeria has been thrown in a state of confusion ever since the news of the man who named his dog Buhari broke on the internet.
  Buhari is the name of the Nigerian President and this led to the man's arrest.
the man who named his dog buhari
Just in case you didn't get this news earlier, the man's name is Joachim Chinakwe Iroko.He is a Nigerian He owns a dog which he names Buhari. The news of this development got to the ears of the government who were really furious at this and ordered the arrest of Joachim Chinakwe Iroko on the grounds that he named his dog ‘Buhari’ 
He was arrested in Ogun State and charged to Court.
In his defence, Mr Joachim said that he named his dog Buhari because Buhari was his mentor.
The Nigerian Police force said that they arrested Mr Joachim not because he named his dog Buhari but because he conducted himself in a way that was against the peace of the environment.

On the day of his arrest,   in the evening of Thursday, August 25, 2016, Iroko and his wife observed strange individuals lurking within the precinct of their residential apartment in Sango Ota, Ogun state. observing such suspicious movements, Mr Joachim took his wife and two children to where they could get a vehicle to take them to a relation’s house to pass the night. It was reported that Mr Joachim's wife was pregnant.

Well, Mr Joachim has finally gotten the sympathy of 20 Senior Advocates of Nigeria (Top Lawyers )and several other barristers who are willing to defend him.
Mr Joachim and one of his lawyers
According to the lawyers and sans, the ill-treatment given to Joachim is a violation of human right, an injustice, tyranny and arbitrariness. The lawyers strongly believe they would be able to free the victim from his current predicament and to achieve that, the Coalition Against Human Rights Abuse is set to raise fund to pursue the cause.

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