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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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The Problem With Nigeria is APC and Pdp | Political Parties Causing Rift Among Nigerians

» Date: August 16, 2016
The Nigerian flag
The Nigerian Flag
In the last 5years, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has been experiencing a decline in its capacity financially, insecurity, integrity, e.t.c.

Why Nigeria Cannot Develop

Am stepping out of my neutrality as a blogger into a Nigerian to exercise my freedom of speech and without fear, favouritism or intimidation state it loud and clear that the Problem with Nigeria is the Political Parties PDP and APC.

I mean these political parties have done more harm than good to this nation.

For years now, these political parties have been busy fighting themselves for positions and power, not minding the casualties they have along the way.
These fights have been the main reason why the economy is badly crumbling down because everyone is focused on the fight and no one is working towards the progress of the country.

Nigeria is busy still trying to stabilize the power sector, transportation, infrastructure, making stupid campaign promises to build schools and hospitals which at the end will be ill-founded while other countries have industries, making breathtaking innovations and inventions, going beyond the limit trying to make not only their country better but the whole world.

You as my reader, please tell me one good invention Nigeria has ever made??

Do you know that we have capable and talented individuals that could make inventions that would leave the Almighty Americans, China, Russia, etc gasping for air?

Every Year we hear of Nigerian ministers/senators buying a bulletproof car and all other irrelevant things with millions of Naira belonging to the Nigerian People all in the name of protection and National Security. Mehn that sh*t is crazy. Like do you know glass is made from sand? It does not take much to make a bulletproof car? So why the heck would they spend that much for it.
Now take this scenario. Diezani a few years ago was accused of spending 256million on a Peugeot Bulletproof car.

Now, what if we invest that 256million naira on Innoson Motors (in case you do not know, Innoson motors is a Nigerian company that produces brand new cars) probably having a partnership with Innoson Motors and employ more hands, buy sophisticated equipment for advanced car manufacturing.

Don't you think this process will give room for more job opportunities, provide more resources for the country as car importation in the country would be banned and the millions going out each day for cars will remain in Nigeria letting money be in circulation in the country and boosting businesses??
PDP vs APC battle for Presidency 2018

Okay, that is one scenario.

Check this one out.

We have a lot of computer geeks in Nigeria. I am one. I love everything about the computer and have been online ever since I was nine. I have hacked into networks, crash sites, written programs, developed apps for different operating systems and I even have a team of other geeks and together we attain greater heights online. I know you are also a computer lover/geek and you have your capability. Just sit back, relax and imagine the kind of strong network you and I joining heads together can create. How secure our network would be and how profitable the business venture can be.
Many other countries have a functioning information department like the CIA,e.t.c where is Nigeria's information centre and how effective is it.

If you and I get into these departments, use our skills and work happily and make money, don't you think we must have given space for others to be employed in other sectors they love??

Imagine, about 2years ago, the Nigerian official website was hacked by a boy who even uploaded his picture and address and dared the Nigerian Govt. To come and get him, and to my utter dismay, nothing was done. At least to hack this intruder or totally disable his system.

We have Nigerians using their skills as an effective tool to work online as yahoo boys, this is because there is no other alternative. They need money.

Setup an initiative that will benefit them and get them to work and you will see that with each passing day, more and more alleged 'yahoo boys' will be trooping into the system thus forming a formidable ICT organization for Nigeria.
So What is the Nigerian Government complaining about?

Why the heck will you let Petroleum and Agriculture be our major source of income as a Country.

We claim to be the Giant of Africa but still, African Countries like South Africa is more developed than us.
Even our armed forces are ill-mobilised to the extent that they can't even fight insurgent groups that are terrorising the country. They only go about using their archaic weapons to terrorise innocent Citizens of Nigeria.

Our Government always give up on their Dreams before maturity that is why you see uncompleted projects laying all around the country.

Last administration was under PDP and they had their projects at hand, this new administration is APC and their major agenda against their campaign policy is 'Fighting Corruption'? Mehn that is a good one but it is bullshit!!
The country is suffering, there are abandoned projects around to be completed, you can start up a lucrative initiative that Would Favour the Nigerian People by providing jobs, but what do you do??

You kill innocent citizens that go out to agitate in a peaceful protest, you arrest your alleged enemies from opposite parties and hire 'black Water Marines' from Saudi Arabia with the Nigerian money to come and kill agitating Nigerians??

To these Political Party Fighters

Now if you are APC or PDP I don't care and I am not supporting anybody. You have been supporting them, they are in their offices enjoying and you are here dying for them?? Isn't that crazy?

Just last election, APC and PDP supporters in Rivers state were busy shooting themselves fighting for Dakuku and Wike, claiming Amaechi is the Godfather of Dakuku. A lot of people lost their lives for this.
Now, finally, Governor Nyesom won the election and has reconciled with Amaechi.

Dakuku was even made the Nimasa Boss, still in a place of high Authority but a lot of people have lost other lives or loved ones for them.
Is that not empty??
Jonathan's Government had a lot of flaws too. No one is perfect. There are so many problems with Jonathan's administration.

If you think I am committing treason or whatever, I will send you my house address so that you can come and arrest me since I know already that you don't have any adequate tracking system to get me, I will come and see you.

This country is heading for Doom as long as we keep on the PDP and APC party charade.

Foolishly, a lot of people have killed themselves because of different political parties. Is that not the height of stupidity??

Who is the president?? Who is the governor?? Who are the senators and house of reps members?? Who are the l.g.a chairmen and their crew??
Are they not human beings like you?? That you will go off killing your fellow Nigerian in cold blood because of one stupid party?? The earlier we come out of this, the sooner we start Picking up the shackles and develop our country Nigeria.

Now I want to talk about the Niger Delta Avengers, Nnamdi Kalu and the rest.

Listen, in life, you do not do what suits you without considering other peoples feeling.

I am not against the Niger Delta Avengers and I do not support them either. Everyone wants what is best for their people. First of as a country Nigeria, let's stop tribalism and place every zone/Region in same hierarchy or suitable positions in government, share profits and loss amicably and see there will still be many agitators wanting to divide the Country.

An idle man is a devils workshop.
thousand of workers sacked under apc and buhari
sacked total workers

Just this year, about 30% of the Nigerian Workforce was laid off work. These set of people adds up to the already existing thousands of unemployed Nigerians. These people will easily join bad groups to cause problems. This is one problem we are facing.

The Avengers have been blowing up pipelines and this is bad to us, destroying the economy and that is one problem I am having with them. It is good to agitate but not to destroy our lands which we are trying to develop. I know the drilling process has destroyed our lands, Buhari has started as a revitalization program for the Niger Delta, Let's give it time.
niger delta avengers images
the Niger Delta Avengers
I am not done with this issue. I will be back with more.

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