Top Naija Celebrities and how they'd be in Secondary school

1. Korede Bello

Korede Bello was the fine boy in school. He was very intelligent and all the girls liked him but he was very shy and didn’t take his shots.

2. Adekunle Gold
Adekunle Gold was that boy who had a crush on a particular girl in school and either told her on their
valedictory service day or wrote it in a paper for her.. Lol

3. Seyi Shay
Seyi was the talented kid in class who was always forming ITK and didn’t know when to open or close her mouth. She was secretly admired by the whole school but they didn't show it until she got to her Ss3 and started modifying.

4. Genevieve Nnaji
Genevieve was certainly the most beautiful senior in school that everyone liked but couldn’t talk to.
She didn't value any guy from her school and was obviously dating a guy from another

5. Olamide
Ah!! Badoo himself was the leader of the bad boy's gang. The school was always scared he would cause a ruckus at the prize giving day ceremony. Chicks run to him for protection and to feel among.

6. Davido
David was the rich kid who got dropped in school every day. Everyone in class lived vicariously through Davido and his lunch box collection.Davido believed everyone must love him because of his father's money!! But finally did get the chicks.

7. Timaya
Timaya was the poor kid who came into the school in JS1 looking bare but when he became a top guy when leaving in SS3. He swagged up.

8. Terry G
Terry G was that kid who always scaled the fence in and out of the school anyhow.He was never in school but whenever he comes, Always tried to keep up appearances. He's always with a girl under the plantain tree at the back of the school and does not wait until closing hours before scaling the fence again. Meanwhile, he was always good at running.

9. Falz
Falz was that rich boy who knew Davido, but always wanted to associate with the Ajepakos in the class.He also fakes his English to be bad so as to look gangster... Falz graduated the best in the class.

10. D’banj
D’banj was that guy who used to be the finest in JS1 but somehow his groom price just reduced afterwards. Girls still want him in school, but not like before.He is trying really hard for a comeback, the competition has become too stressful for him

11. Skales
Skales was one of the first guys from behind in class. Always looking forward to social nights
to rap and drop lines for the school.He is loved by the girls.

12. Ramsey Noah
The baby boy of the class, always breaking hearts left, right, middle and centre. Everybody wanted to be friends with him.Even in his absence, they still love him.

13. Eva Alordiah
A.k.a Chairlady is the Leader of the female bad gang. She’s one of the hottest in class but people are still scared of approaching her.She is always with Girls, is hardly seen with guys makes her classmates question her sexuality.

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