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Sunday, September 11, 2016

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2016: Glo Cheapest Data Bundle Plan For Blackberry and android

» Date: September 11, 2016
glo cheap data bundle codes

Glo data bundle plan for blackberry
Glo has released and overload data bundle plan for all its Blackberry and Android subscribers. This overload data plan is so attractive and beats all other network plans for the cheapest data subscriptions.

Ever since the Blackberry device was released and started sale in Nigeria, It changed the face of Data subscriptions we use because it came with a large volume of data at a very cheap rate.
Here, Glo just made it cheaper for all blackberry and Android subscribers, Android users can also use any of these data packages as it will work without any software or tweaking.
A quick rundown of the Glo Data subscription code for Blackberry and Android phones 2016. 

2016: Cheapest Glo Data Bundle for Blackberry and Android 

BB100 for 100mb at 100naira lasts for 1-day dial *777*4#

BB200 for 200mb at 200naira lasts for 7 days dial *777*5#

BB500 for 1gig at 500naira lasts for 10 days dial *777*7#

BB1000 for 2gig at 1000naira lasts for 30 days dial *777*8#

BB2000 for 6gig at 2000naira lasts for 30days dial *777*9#
BB2500 for 10gig at 2500naira lasts for 30days dial *777*10#
BB3000 for 12gig at 3000nara lasts for 30days dial *777*17#
BB4000 for 18gig at 4000naira lasts for 30days dial *777*18#
BB5000 for 24gig at 5000naira lasts for 30days dial *777*19#
BB8000 for 48gig at 8000naira lasts for 30days dial *777*20#

These are the cheapest glo data bundle for 2016.