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Sunday, September 11, 2016

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Apple ReLauches its Electric Car Project, sacks old workers

» Date: September 11, 2016

Apple Sacks old workers and relaunches Its electric car project

 Apple's Tom Cook initiated a project tagged 'Titan' two years ago. This Secret project was aimed at producing an electric car for the company. The company already successful in its Manufacture and sales of its iPhones have experienced serious problems in the production of the Electric vehicle.
apple electric car

Why Apple Sacked Its Workers

The iPhone maker Apple in recent news by The New York Times has sacked dozens of workers assigned to work on the 'Titan' Electric car Project even after testing a couple of other autonomous vehicles the team built. It was revealed that Apple’s car project started experiencing roadbumps earlier this year when Steve Zadesky, the automotive mastermind behind this project left the company for personal reasons.To overcome the problem initially,
Apple's bob mansfield
Apple's Bob Mansfield
Apple had to bring back its retired veteran and hardware chief Bob Mansfield to lead the Automobile team (consisting of about 1000 workers) but alleged that the focus has been shifted from building a car to developing the underlying technology that powers self-driving cars.
The workers were laid off as part of apples “reboot” of the car project. Details on how Apple plans to change its car strategy have yet to be revealed. To improve in its new strategy, Apple hired key engineers from companies like Ford, Tesla and Mercedes to help.

 Rumours said that Apple was to launch its electric car by 2020 but with the recent problems they encountered, it is not estimated to be launched by 2021 or later.