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Thursday, September 01, 2016

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Nigerian girl Dies After Having Sex with Alhaji and his monkey for Money

» Date: September 01, 2016
It was reported that a young lady identified as Cynthia, was recently picked up by an Alhaji and after they had fun he took her to his guest house, gave her $2000 (N840,000) to suck and sleep with his monkey.
The Girl killed
The Victim
Investigations revealed further that, Cynthia refused the offer at first but later agreed after taking another look at the money.
The Alhaji dropped her and a few hours later, she started complaining of stomach ache and sources revealed that maggots started coming out of her private parts.

 Cynthia was later rushed to the hospital by her friends but she died before they could attend to her.
Just like in the movies huh??

Beware of what you get yourself into.