Nigerian Blogger Linda ikeji lured to Surprise birthday party organized by Family (Read and see photos)

Linda ikeji
Top Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji celebrated her birthday party a few days ago.

But according to her sister Laura Ikeji, none of Linda's friends went to her multimillion office to celebrate with her!!

Linda Ikeji' parents
Linda ikeji's parent and sister Laura
Linda was devastated and got pissed off with most of her friends!!!

She never knew there was a plan which her parents were a big part of.
There was a bigger party she never anticipated organized for her as a surprise by her parents and siblings...

There was a huge turnout of lib readers and friends at the party held for Linda and she was seen smiling so much!!

She really enjoyed herself!!

Linda Ikeji and her friends
Linda Ikeji birthday
Linda Ikeji felt love and reports say she was almost in tears.

A friend reportedly lures her to the venue of the event and she had a blast.

Ugo.c.ugo: Stories are made before being written...
I started blogging 2012-2016 and looking at Linda, I am encouraged and convinced I am on the right part because blogging is all I love doing, been self-sponsored and very happy with my blog

Stay with me as I work relentlessly to attain a greater height!!

Together we can do it!!

Happy birthday!! Keep up the good work... You are amazing.
Linda Ifeoma Ikeji

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