Lindaikeji - Throwback photo of Officiallindaikeji in 1987 See photo and take a look at linda's office complex

lindaikeji and sister verachi
lindaikeji and sister verachi
LindaIkeji shared this photo of herself and her elder sister Verachi back then in 1987. Money indeed can change anything. I laughed when I saw this picture not just because of how Lindaikeji looked at it with her sister but because of the old black and white tv set behind Linda.

Brings back a lot of memories. Linda is someone I admire and will always respect.

Surprisingly, Lindaikeji's eldest sister verachi has just 256 followers on Instagram, wonder what she is up to and why she is not tapping into her sister popularity to build her own world as Linda's sister Laura is doing.
Meanwhile, take a look at Linda's new office complex in Lagos.
Lindaikeji's office complex
linda ikeji's office
lindaikeji's studio
linda ikeji's studios

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