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Sunday, October 23, 2016

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U.S Election : Vote For Hilary Clinton or kiss my ass - miley cyrus

» Date: October 23, 2016
miley cyrus
The Question is Who is going to be the next U.S President?

Hilary Clinton Or Donald Trump??

Miley Cyrus posted this photo telling all those who are not voting for Hilary Clinton to 'kiss her a**'
Miley is not the only female celebrity who has come out openly to pledge their support for Hilary Clinton.
Beyonce in a recent post also pledges her support for Hilary Clinton and one comes to question why these set of superstars have pledged their support for Team Hilary.

Could it be that they are being brainwashed by Hilary using Female Empowerment and Gender Equality Vision as a tool to convert these superstars who in turn will send their fans running to give her votes?? or is it that she is really capable of running the United States of America and taking it to a greater glory?? No doubt the Obama administration has done a superb job for the united states, but the question now is in whose control would the united states thrive or crumble??

The Gap is really wide to fill.
donald trump

hilary clinton
Now my question to you is, who do you believe is the Right candidate to be the next United States President?? Who are you Voting for?? Hilary?? or Trump?? Drop your comments below!!!