Oritsefemi spends day with his daughter Patience at her school celebrating her birthday (see more photos)

oritsefemi's daughter Patience
Musician Oritsefemi spent today with his daughter patience at her school. The moment Oritsefemi and his team got down at the school, the students who were in class learning immediately ran out of their classes to meet him in person.
 According to Oritsefemi, he was quite impressed with the way the students carried themselves as many of the students ran up to him for an autograph. This he said impressed him because during his time as a young boy in his area, whenever a celebrity or any publicly known figure came around, the went to them and coerced them into paying what is called 'Matching Ground Fee'.
oritsefemi and his daughteroritsefemi's daughter
Oritsefemi alleged that his daughter patience hates being in front of the camera, but he had to force her. The principal and other school officials came out to welcome Oritsefemi and his crew. Oritsefemi revealed that no matter how busy anyone can be, he/she has to make out time for family and friends. This is indeed an inspiring one by Oritsefemi. Stay tuned as I bring you more updates!!! Meanwhile, click Home to see more posts you will certainly love

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