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Saturday, November 26, 2016

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Wizkid's The 'Starboy Homecoming Concert' holds on December 30th, 2016 (Read more)

» Date: November 26, 2016
Starboy Homecoming Concert
Starboy Homecoming Concert
Have you heard of the StarBoy Homecoming Concert?? No?? The Read on to know!!

What Starboy Homecoming Concert is all About.

Wizkid Ayo Balogun a.k.a starboy has released a new information to his fans and followers in Nigeria that he is coming back home.
Wizkid who has been out of the country receiving numerous prestigious music Awards including the Artist of the Year Award has released a new publication on his account about his Starboy Homecoming Concert.
The Starboy Homecoming Concert is set to take place at the Eko Convention Center on the 30th of December, 2016.
 The Gate fee for the Starboy Homecoming Concert was set at a flat fee of 5000naira only. n The best part of this event is that, according to Wizkid, the whole money going to be made at this event will be given to Charity. This decision Wizkid reveals is his way of giving back to the community from which he became what he is today.
The Starboy Homecoming Concert is going to be the best!!! Get Ready!!! 30th of December, 2016.
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