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Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Maltina Dance All Season 9 : Adah Family Wins the competition (see photos)

» Date: December 11, 2016
Maltina dance all season 9 winners Adah 's Family
Maltina Dance All Season 9 winners are the Adah Family. The Adah Family are among the 30 families that auditioned for the competition. The Maltina Dance All Families are competing for a Grand prize of 10million naira while the First and second runners-up will each receive N3million and N1million naira respectively.
The Adah's family has been sensational ever since the competition start. Although they had their lapses, taking their corrections, they came out victorious to take home the Maltina Danceall family grand prize.
The Maltina Dance all season 9 was not really trending compared to their past Seasons. This was not because the show was not fun, but because there were limited TV stations showing it to viewers at home. The organizers should work on this in the Upcoming Maltina Dance All Season 10.

Viewers and fans of Adah's family are all talking about their awesome performance, especially, their mum's. Viewers described her as the heart of the show, their Wow factor.
 Congratulations to the Adah's Family for Winning the Maltina Dance All Family competition and taking home the N10million naira grand prize.