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Friday, December 30, 2016

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Read this heart touching letter actor Rmd wrote to his wife on their anniversary

» Date: December 30, 2016
Rmd and his wife Richard Mofe-Damijo  simply called Rmd and his wife Aabike celebrated their wedding anniversary today. We all love RMD right?? I know you do. Well the actor has always had a way to get into the soft part of our hearts and he has done it again. As a man, even when i read this, i almost wanted to start rehearsing what i will send to my own wife n our anniversary, lol. Read what Rmd Wrote to his wife.
Jumobi to the world, Aabike to me. The mother of my kids, love of my life, my rock, my shield, my baby, my woman, my everything. I want to say thank you but that's not enough, I want to say I love you that's still not enough, I want to say God bless you and that also seems inadequate for all you have been to me and the kids. You have kept me grounded, loved me unconditionally, prayed with me and for me and gone without to ensure I shine. You know how when close friends and family ask "How is bros?" and you respond with "He's there, I still haven't killed him in his sleep yet" they laugh at the humour but I smile with admiration because I know the truth. The truth is that you have consistently tolerated me and all my excesses and for that I am extremely grateful. I don't know how I would have done all I have done and I'm doing without your support. Thank you for deliberately taking a back seat to make me shine. You know baby, God has put to shame those who said we wouldn't last. It's amazing how far we have come. 16years and counting ain't bad is it now? Yea, I know they are not enough but I'll still go ahead and say THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU and GOD BLESS YOU my ABK. Happy wedding anniversary baby.