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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Nollywood actor Jim Iyke's Top 5 Pictures

» Date: August 20, 2017

Jim Iyke Pranks his PA and Guest + Top 5 of Nollywood actor Jim Iyke

Below I have uploaded the top 5 pictures of Nollywood actor Jim Iyke.
Jim iyke's photos
Jim Iyke 
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Read the following drama that ensued with Jim Iyke and his guest last Saturday and Sunday.
According to Nollywood actor, he was pranked by his guests last week and he had to get back at them.
jim iyke in his house
jim Iyke locking the entire house with the key he collected from his PA
Jim said he had to get back at them, so he took the keys to the house from his PA ‘s bag when he distracted them and locked all the entrance to the house.

He said his PA and friend went grocery shopping without knowing that he had collected the keys to the house.

He jokingly said that he went to Nasarawa to check out a colonel friends poultry farm, leaving his PA and Gladys outside the house all day.
jim iyke in a blue suit
These were his exact words
Jim Iyke:Got my revenge! See my ugly ass smile?! Sent them grocery shopping. Got my PA to take the keys out of their bags while I distracted them. Locked all the entrance now. This is the last. Picture 2 girls with a month groceries sitting outside calling my phone that's on voicemail till 1am. Haha the name calling will start. The finger pointing will follow. The blame game next. Then the tears eventually flow. Ha! Told ya not to mess wiv me. Going to Nasarawa to check out a colonel friend's poultry fam. Next possible investment. It's pay back baby!! Ok go ahead judge. Peace! #RevengeServed #StylePiper #Harvpapa#GladysGirls #NeverMessWithJim#RevengeChronicles
jim iyke in his house
Meanwhile, early this morning, Jim posted a new picture in which he said the girls are still very angry with him. These were his words…
Jim Iyke: Church flow. Need to pray for forgiveness for my zero remorse yesterday. They ain't still talking to me. I guess it's eat out Sunday. Lool!! Make I find a shop somewhere buy gifts come make up. Sombori cannot play with these girls o. See attitude for days!! 😂😏😜We keep it classy clean errrday! Grown folks signature. #StylePiper #Harvpapa #Gladysboi#CleanClassSwag #Grateful #SeeBoning#DemReportMeEverywhereLOL#ExcitedThisWeek##GrownFolkStyleChronicles
jim iyke cute picture

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