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Friday, August 11, 2017

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Ritualist Den Uncovered Along Ile-Zik Axis Lagos.

» Date: August 11, 2017
A ritualist den was discovered at Ile Zik Bus Stop along  Lagos –abeokuta expressway yesterday making it the second ritualist den to be discovered just 24 hours after the first den was found and the two persons found in the dens were set ablaze.

The same thing would have happened again if not for the quick response of a group of gallant Mobile Policemen led by the Commander, Rapid Response Squad, RRS, Assistant Commissioner Olatunji Disu, from Lagos State Police Command, and other security agents.
ritualists in lagos
The vulcanizer

This time around, the five People who were suspected to have been operating in the ritual den would have been set ablaze by the angry mob that were desperately chanting for blood.

Shocking enough, this particular ritualist den was located in a manhole, away from suspecting eyes.

Reports had it that a suspected madman was found around the manhole making phone calls with an iPhone
Eyewitnesses alleged that they heard the madman make a statement ‘ The people are there’ and this they claimed arose suspicions .
The Eyewitnesses also further explained that when the alleged madman was confronted, he attempted to run inside the tunnel in a bid to evade the confrontation but was caught and beaten blue-black as an alarm was raised and more people trooped to the place to witness the incident.

The Security operatives who got wind of the whole thing arrived the scene to apprehend the madman, thus saving him from the rot of the angry mob.

Below is the picture of the Man Hole (tunnel) the madman tried to run into.
ritualist den in lagos
The manhole where the ritualists were caught
On interrogation, the madman confessed that there were other members inside this dark pit, making the police officers go into the tunnel and arrested three other people who reportedly ran out from different directions.
The mob helped the police in arresting these other ritualists.

There is a warehouse on the Ile-Zik axis. The angry mob brought its walls down.

And No, it was not over just yet.

There was a fifth suspect who was reported to be a vulcaniser. He also escaped death by the whiskers.

From the picture above, the mob already had a tire on him and were about to set him on fire, but were stopped by the security operatives who took all the suspects back to the State Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department in Panti.
Ritualist caught in lagos along ile-zik axis
The alleged madman

What the Police had to say concerning The Caught Ritualists

To Verify the reports, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, Cp Fatiai Owoseni had this to say:
“We have to stop this culture of jungle justice and allow the law take its course. This matter is a pure case of destitute and not ritualists.”
But eyewitnesses claim that this was a confirmed incident that happened and that the police should stop trying to cover up information from the public.

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