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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Mathematics Professor Creates Micro-Hydro Dam to provide Electricity for Rural Areas in Guinea (Photos)

» Date: August 22, 2017

How a Mathematics Professor was able to build a Micro-hydro dam to supply electricity for Rural areas of Guinea

Water dam that produces electricity projectprofessor of mathematics in guinea

A Mathematics Professor identified as Prof. Ibrahima Tounkara at the Lycée "Professor Alpha Condé" of Kissidougou has managed to create a micro-hydro dam with his personal money to provide electricity for rural areas of the community in Guinea.

The micro-dam is located in the sub-prefecture of Bilodeau, 65km from the urban commune of Gueckédou.

News reporters asked the Professor to explain how he was able to carry out this project and this was what he had to say.
"I have not take years to implement this project. It was from the installation of the solar panels that I had the taste of the current. I sent for my big brother who lived in Bolodou, our native village, a solar panel to charge the telephones. Afterwards, I found that consumption is very limited. We can not yet distribute this current to many customers.Now I have found it necessary to build this micro-dam, "

the Mathematics professor that created Water Dam in Guinea that produces lightthe professor that created a water dam that produces electricity
The Mathematics Professor further revealed that  on the construction phases of the book (in which he explained how he created the dam), he said:
"I started researching from March 2016. And I finished this phase in September 2016. I started To work on the site in November. And in May 2017, it was possible to deliver the current to the population of Bolodou. He has also given the number of subscribers to date and called on the government, NGOs and people of goodwill. "We have more than 80 subscribers. You know, the villagers only need lamps. So we can provide them without problems. Our production is 9kVA.
The professor also asked for assistance from the Government of Guinea and other NGOs to help his dream of distributing the light source to other rural areas of Guinea explained that he did not have money to buy expensive Pressure pipes or reinforced concrete for the project but had to find an alternative. This he said caused a lot of errors in the system and limits the current output of the system not to exceed 9KVA, these were his exact words
"I asked the government, NGOs and people of goodwill for support in this action, and I did it with small means." I had no means to buy pressure pipes, The water pipe with reinforced concrete, the forced pipe is not so resistant and I see even errors at the moment, every time I have to clog and the current output must not exceed 9 KVA, "
He asked the government to help it extend its actions to other rural communes in Guinea because the population needs the current to work and flourish.