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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Few Days After Surgery , Selena Gomez Becomes Puma Partner

Selena Gomez becomes a Partner at Puma.
Just a few days after Selena Gomez's  Kidney transplant, she has taken to her IG page to announce that she just made partner at Top Shoes and Clothes firm Puma.
selena gomez picture puma
Selena Gomez becomes Latest Puma Partner
Selena who has been really quiet all summer revealed that it was as a result of Kidney failure. A situation which she had suffered for a long time now. Lucky enough, her best friend and fellow actress, Franca Raise donated one of her kidneys to Selena. 

This revelation by Selena made millions of her fans troop to Franca's IG page to say a very big Thank You to her.
Selena who is the latest Partner at 'Puma' made this known with a picture of her in a Puma crop top. Picture (Above).


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