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Sunday, September 10, 2017

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Nigerian Army Arrests BokoHaram Top 3 Bomb Experts (Photo)

» Date: September 10, 2017
The Nigerian Army has reported that they have arrested the Top 3 sneers of the most dreaded terrorist group in Nigeria, Boko Haram. The names of the Bomb Experts are Abubakar Benishek, Modu Bako and Audu Kubuiri.
The reports reveal that this set of Terrorist are those that make the bombs with which the dreaded  Boko Haram Sect operates.
Boko haram maiduguri
Photo: Abubakar Benishek, Modu Bako and Audu Kubuiri
The Army reported that these terrorists were arrested on the 1st of September, 2017 and is one of the pointers to the fact that the Buhari Led Administration is working Effortlessly to put to an end, the Boko Haram Sect.
This arrest came from a joint attack by security officials of the Nigerian Army and the Dss.

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