Meet comedian Ay Markun and His brothers Lanre and Yomi casuals as they cover MediaRoomHub magazine April edition.

Nigerian comedian Ayo Markun popularly known as AY needs no introduction.
Ay has hosted the biggest and most popular events in Nigeria. 

He has even ventured into the movie industry, producing the record-breaking 30 days in Atlanta, A Trip to Jamaica, and 10 days in Suncity.

Ay and his brothers lanre and yomi
AY, Lanre and Yomi - The Markun Brothers

The truth is a lot of Nigerians do not know that the Popular Comedian AY is actually brothers with Yomi (C.E.O Yomi Casuals Outfits brand) and Lanre Markun (C.e.o of Lanre Markun events).
ay , yomi and lanre markun
Ay, Lanre and Yomi - The Markun brothers
This is not a very popular knowledge as most people think they are not related.
That is one of the reasons why the brothers had to cover the April edition of the MediaRoomHub magazine issue.
The brothers have a striking appearance and it is a breathtaking knowledge to know that all brothers of the Markun Family are actually very successful in their endeavours.

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