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Sunday, January 28, 2018

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Laura Ikeji’s Book ‘How To Make Money on Instagram | The Brand influencer Guide

» Date: January 28, 2018

Laura Ikeji’s Book ‘How To Make Money on Instagram | The Brand influencer Guide Selling really fast.

Laura Ikeji ’s book titled ‘How To Make Money on Instagram |  The Brand influencer Guide’ is the fastest selling book online right now and so many superstars and interested individuals alike have started buying, reading, benefiting and recommending the book.
Just earlier on, a few hours ago, Laura took to her Instagram page to thank Nigerian Producer/Musician Don Jazzy who just bought 100 copies of her book.
laura ikeji instagram
Laura Ikeji Kanu | How to make money on Instagram
Laura Ikeji, who is a mother and has been very active on Instagram has decided to share her secrets on how she made her wealth through Instagram and I believe this book is an important tool for all those social media freaks and lovers who really want to make money using Instagram.
Instagram, like so many other media sites like Youtube and Facebook, has brought a lot of unknown individuals into the spotlight and totally changing their lives permanently. 
Individuals like Crazeclown, Maraji, Klintoncod, and Laura of course amongst so many others are amongst those who have benefitted from Instagram.
You Can also become one of the beneficiaries.

This is what Laura Ikeji had to say about her book

Laura Ikeji's Story | How I make Money on Instagram

“Few years ago I joined Instagram and started posting pictures. I went from 100 followers to 1k followers, and 1k to 5k and from 5k to 20k, I was tagged as attention seeking and loud, some said annoying and many called me jobless.
Lol, I disregarded all the smerk talks and continued to make my page fun, I introduced videos, fun videos, dance videos, happy videos that made people look at me differently, and kept them glued to my page.

I wrote this book to teach young people that there is more to Instagram than just being there. U too can make money on Instagram. Kindly read my book HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON INSTAGRAM.
Its easy, read my guide. My book.”
And my followers went from 20k to 50k . As soon as I got to 50k my life changed, I was getting freebies like crazy, a few people recognised me in public and I made my first N100k from just posting fun videos.
Fast forward.. Went from 50k to 500k, now almost 700k. everything I get is free, l make a lot of money, different endorsements, different paid ads, opened my dream fashion store, thousands of young people get inspired by Me and I got famous from just dedicating my time to this platform called Instagram.
This book has over 50 pictures in it with the right illustrations and instructions on what to do.