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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Why President Buhari should not run for second term in 2019

» Date: February 25, 2018
This post aims to give 10 tangible reasons why Nigerian commander in chief, President Muhammadu Buhari should not run for office in the 2019 General Elections.
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10 reasons why Buhari should not run for presidency in 2019
Disclaimer: This post is not made to destroy anyone's image or incite violence, we are simply stating the facts and it is in no way intended to cause any form of uproar or turmoil or strike any tribe-related issues. You are free to let us know what you think using the comment box below this post. Please, no vulgar word is allowed!!

Nigeria, the Giant of Africa is no doubt all it is known and described to be by the International community.
We are a nation with over 100 different languages and tribes where the Hausa/ Fulani, Yoruba and the Igbos constitute the biggest fractions there is.
This country is blessed with enough Natural resources and a very hardworking people whose limits know no bounds in what they can do.
The problems this country faces today cannot be solved instantly, but with decisive actions and sacrifices from all part and tribes in the country, we can start by eliminating favouritism and tribalism which has eaten deep into the average Nigerian's blood.
The greatest problem Nigeria has right now is the existence of multiple political parties, PDP and APC being at the apex.
Wrong management of the resources generated by this country is one of the major reasons why this country has not attained at least 50% of its capability for over 56 years of her independence.

The exit of the PDP and Swearing in of the APC.

The Apc came into power in 2015 with Muhamadu Buhari as their presidential candidate. Before we talk about this, it is better we talk a little bit about the former administration's good and bad parts.

PDP has been the ruling party in Nigeria for over 16 years and as much as their reign has not been all glorious, they have been able to keep the country stable. They had no real opponent when it comes to elections over the years not until the APC came into the limelight, then things Changed.

The PDP claims to be the umbrella that will protect and shield everyone but truth be told, they didn't really house much. They were all about sharing of funds amongst themselves and destroying anyone who opposes their rule and this was how it was until Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, a one time Deputy Governor of Bayelsa, who then became the Governor after the demise of the then governor.
Goodluck then went on to become the vice president of Nigeria in the Yar'adua regime and we know how that turned out.
Yar'adua's death paved way for Goodluck to become the acting president. He then campaigned to be the president of Nigeria which he won but was defeated in the 2015 elections when Muhammadu Buhari won the elections by a great margin.

This victory was due to the following facts:

1. There was a dispute between members of the PDP which made some of them to decamp and joined the APC, thus making them stronger.
2. Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who was one of the politicians to decamp to the Apc gave them his undiluted support, using funds from the state to launch a massive campaign for the Apc in Rivers state.
3. The integrity of the  Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was in doubt because after the elections, there was a strong indication that the PVC used to win the election was actually registered using little children and non-indigenes data.
4. Goodluck Jonathan, being a civilised man humbly stepped down from office without violence even after receiving such information about the rigging.
5. So many other reasons which for brevity I cannot mention here right now.

Three Years after the 2015 General Elections

The Apc logo consists of a broom which they claim they would use to sweep all forms of corruption out of the system to revitalise and make the country a paradise for everyone to live has actually come back to bite everyone in the butt.
The PDP was not good, but compared to this present administration, I would take the PDP every single time (I don't know about you)
Just within three years of this administration, every single sector of the economy has collapsed. Investor companies have taken their businesses elsewhere while those that strive to remain have dropped over 40% of their workforce(Nigerians who lose their jobs because the companies could no longer afford to pay their salaries).
This is a really pathetic situation and to think that the president would combat this situation, he is busy flying from one place to another with task payers money all in the name of medical leave to treat himself. (If he wasn't fit healthwise for office, then why did he contest in the first place??).

Dollar to Naira Exchange rates plummet

Dollar to naira exchange rates became unbearable up to 500naira to 1 dollar causing unnecessary inflation in prices of things in the market. A bag of rice became  26,000 nairas plus in the market and even fresh tomatoes got to the point where a basket was sold for 48,000 nairas.
Isn't that outrageous?

During one of Buhari's medical leave, Prof. Osibanjo, the vice president became the caretaker committee chairman as against the acting president position and within 2weeks of working, the dollar exchange rate became 320naira per dollar. Two days after Buhari resumed office, the dollar rose to 380naira per dollar and climbed up to 420naira for a while before going back to stabilise at 380naira. Does this show competence ??
Buhari also banned the importation of rice into the country, without even making tangible plans and investment in the local rice production beforehand, thus increasing demand with low supply and inflating the price once again.
Buhari's choice of being both the minister of petroleum and the President really affected Nigerians as he was not capable to pull the jobs associated with the positions by himself.
Ask any APC follower why the economy is like this and they will start telling you that it was the PDP that created the mess we are suffering now and will start clamouring for more time to make the economy better. This to me is balderdash and excuses incompetent men give to cover up their inability to do what they claim can be done.

This brings me down to the

10 reasons why Buhari should not contest for the second term in office

1. Incompetence: 

This on its own talks more for itself and I believe there is no need throwing more light on this.

2. Failure to accomplish even 1 campaign promise after almost 4 years in office

3. Inability to control and stabilize the Nigerian Economy seeing that our reproduction rate is increasing with a massive decrease in available jobs and resources to take care of the populace, thus making us even poorer than India( and India is really poor).

4. No real Vision for the country: 

If I may ask, what is the vision for the country that the APC have? They will say they are fighting corruption. But you will agree with me that the corruption in Nigeria now has worsened, even the roadside policemen now are no longer afraid to collect bribe money from commercial drivers in broad daylight.

5. Inability to protect the lives and property of Nigeria: 

This is where I have the most problem with this present administration. Our people are dying every day from unnecessary causes ranging from Fulani herdsmen down to the Nigerian police killing people for not paying a bribe and there is absolutely nothing this administration is doing to combat this issue. For this reason alone, I believe they should see that they have failed woefully.

6. Epileptic Power supply: 

During the Goodluck's administration, with all their lapses and inability, you will agree with me that one sector they did not fail to execute was the power sector. There was always light at least 8hours every day and it really helped lots of businesses grow because they had to spend less on petrol.

7. No Evidence of all the stolen funds recovered: 

How can the country still be shouting about being broke when every single week, there is always new publications of recovered funds that were stolen counting into millions of dollars, but there is no trace of such money or what they are being used for.


How do you expect an old archaic man to lead a modern generation to greatness. A man who can not even operate his own phone and must always have his aids tell him what to do. Nigeria really?? Is this what you have turned into? There are so many educated senators and politicians, young and vibrant that have what it takes to take this country to a greater height and we settle for an old man? hmmm

9. Surrounding himself with dishonest individuals: 

In as much as I believe that President Buhari wants to tackle corruption, I also know it is doomed to fail when most of the men who surround him are actually men who are supposed to be at the top of the corruption list.

10. Because We will not vote for him, he is doomed to fail: 

The upcoming elections are very important for you and I if we want to solve our governmental problems.
Go Get Your Voters Card!!!

**I know this post sounds like I am against the APC, well if that is how you see it, I guess the truth is really bitter and hard to swallow but it must be told.**

I would love to hear your Thoughts about this.

Use the comment box below and I will reply you.

Please, no vulgar words or any form of insults is allowed!!