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Sunday, March 04, 2018

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110 Dapchi Girls Abduction | All you need to Know

» Date: March 04, 2018
It is really embarrassing when things like this happen. I want to talk about this issue and then know what you think.
Dapchi girls
Abducted Dapchi girls
As you know by now, over 110 secondary school girls in Dapchi have been abducted by the dreaded Boko Haram sect just a few months after the Federal Government announced that they have released 100 chibok girls. The chibok girls release even happened because the government paid ransom amounting to millions for the girls and also released the top terrorists who were held prisoners before the girls were released. Now, innocent girls, 110 of them were abducted in their school where they went to learn, is it now a crime to learn?
Do you want to know the most interesting part about this abduction?
About a week ago, before the girls were taken, the state was heavily filled with military presence and then all of a sudden, the military personnel were withdrawn from the state, not long after, the Dapchi girls were abducted.

According to the information made available, the military was withdrawn following an alleged tip-off of an attack to be made at the border.

Comment: First of all, I know for a fact that Nigeria has the largest military in Africa and with thousands of soldiers at its disposal, why did the commanders not send another battalion to the border to combat the alleged attack, why must it be the soldiers that were assigned to protect the state that was withdrawn?

This is to show you that the people causing the problems in this country are highly placed government officials and they are playing politics with innocent civilian lives.

Let us continue.

Now, it was revealed that it took the terrorist over 2 hours to terrorise the place, load these girls into 17 vans before starting their journey out of the place and back to their camp. They were reported to be shooting sporadically in the air and at anyone who tries stand in their way. They did not get any opposition and worst still, this same terrorist drove past the same borders the military claim to be protecting without anyone there to challenge them.
Isn't it hilarious? 
What kind of country are we living in when over 110 live human beings can be transported through the borders without anyone challenging them or even at the very least trace them to know where they are taking these girls to.
110 dapchi girls abducted from their school
Some of the girls that were abducted
And in 2019, this same set of politicians will come out and tell us that we should vote for them??
Please, I want to know what you think about this situation, use the comment box below!