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Sunday, March 04, 2018

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5 Reasons why APC will win the 2019 Presidential elections

» Date: March 04, 2018
Hi, how are you?
The General elections are fast approaching and it is the decisive moment when we determine who will lead this country and the direction the country is going to take for the next four years which will certainly go a long way to building us up or destroying us.
2019 General elections
Inec officials getting ready for the General Elections 2019
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I have outlined the 

Top 10 reasons why the Apc will still win the 2019 general election

  • 1.Incumbent Power

This point aims to show that the Apc certainly have the advantage to still be in office after the 2019 elections due to the incumbent power and offices they control which makes it very easier to access sensitive offices and its officers and information. This is a very strong point. The fact that the previous administration did not utilize this power doesn’t mean this new administration would not.

  • 2.Lesser PVC registration outlets in the South

I want to bring to your notice if you have not already noticed that there is less amount of PVC registration centres in the South and East as compared to the north. 
    How then can you register?Taking Rivers state, for instance, Places like Oyigbo, Andoni, Etche and so many other places do not have any PVC registration centre where citizens can go to register to get their PVC and enable them to vote in the new elections. The Local governments that do have centres have only one centre each and this is not enough. Many people I know have not yet registered for their voters' card not because they do not want to but because there is no way to. 
    We once organized a movement to go to other local government areas to register for the PVC but were appalled because of the next reason.

    • 3. Slow Registration Speed

    Have you been to any of the polling units in the south? You will be disappointed and disgusted to find out that most units register at most 40 people a day and when you ask why they will tell you that the network is not fast like that is enough reason to make people queue up for hours without successfully registering for the card. How then do they get to vote? This already spells doom for individuals who intend to vote out the present administration because it is really obvious they are incapable of carrying this country.

    • 4.Bribery

    I remember the first time I heard of APC, I was not really into politics then because as a young man, I was brainwashed to believe that I was not meant to be involved in anything not related to academics and I really believed that. I was lucky to have shared a Hostel Accommodation with politically conscious students who started exposing me to the electoral and political system and I started getting involved. 
      The very first rally I went to at the new Rivers state stadium along the airport road, I found out that most people who went for that rally did so because they were promised sums of money ranging from 2,000naira to 10,000 for attending and convincing people to support the party. That was detrimental to us because after collecting the said amount of money, we were held captives by the same people we voted in by destroying the economy and being clueless of what to do stop the hardship or at least bring it to a manageable position. 
           Trust me, the same thing will still happen all over again. We all shout and complain about the hardship when the same politicians come again and offer meagre amounts for votes, you will still see people coming out of their houses to go and vote them in again. 
            Even the PDP is not perfect because they also did the same thing and I am not supporting or campaigning for anyone.  Forget about the money and think more of who would be more effective in office.

      • 5.Tribalism

      This is one point where I know there is a serious problem. Everyone believes that if a man from their tribe goes into office, he will favour them more. Well, try this, go out and ask any Hausa man if he is happy about the way the present administration is running the government and you would be very surprised that they are suffering but still shouting ‘Sai Baba’.
      This is an appalling situation. How can someone be suffering and still be tribalistic at the same time??
      2019 presidential election
      Go and Get Your Voters Cards now!!
      It is time to put all favouritism, tribalism or lust for meagre gifts aside and go out to vote. Try your very best to get your card and if at the end we find out that we cannot get the card before the election, we have to create an awareness campaign to let the appropriate authority know that we cannot get the card because trust me, they will get values that are even higher than the population of your state as number of registered voters, go check your history.

      Go and Get You Voters Cards Now!!!
      It's time for the Youths to take over this country!!!