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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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5 Secrets Bloggers Must Know Before Blogging

» Date: March 25, 2018
Hi there, how are you? Today I am going to be sharing 5 secrets I believe every new and already existing blogger must know before he/she should start up a blog and earn huge money.
There are so many free CMS systems on the internet that offers users the opportunity to build a beautiful site and share their contents with their followers and earn money.
The best blogging platform for me is, although so many other webmasters will advise their clients to use either or platform (although both are owned by the same company, I have explained in this new article all you need to know about Wordpress Site before you start (The Beginners Guide).
secrets to making money through blogging
Before you rush off to bloggers officials Site to create a free blog, I will want you to take about 5-minutes and read through this article as I believe this will give you the right guide and correct your mindset towards the blogging business.
Trust me, many people will no longer want to blog after this few secrets because they initially had the wrong idea about blogging and that is why they want to own a blog.
Let's get Started with the 5 important Secrets every blogger need to know before starting a blog

1. Blogging is not a Make-Quick-Money-Scheme

Statistics show that there are more abandoned blogs on the internet than the still functioning blogs with the ratio of 7:3.
That is a really outrageous secret most bloggers will not want you to know and chances are the blog you are going to be starting now could become abandoned say 6months or 2 years from now.
Most bloggers when they start-off think that setting up a blog and probably being activated on Adsense will guarantee that they will start making hundreds of millions straight into their account every month.
That is  True to a certain point.
Ask yourself this question, if it were that easy, then why do we have more abandoned blogs than functioning ones on the internet?
Is it that they do not love money?
That is because these bloggers opened their blogs with the wrong mindset, ‘To make quick cash’.
Making money especially when you are into Entertainment and News requires you to have a huge budget, and that is my first secret to you.
Have a Budget before you try to open a blog. Do your background check, study the market, do not come online only to become a copy and paste blogger, that is the wrong move for you.

2.Know that You are going to be dedicating 80% of your time to work on your blog:

Having a blog is like signing a contract with a company, they own all your working hours and you only get little time for yourself.
making money through blogging
Do not think that you can open a blog and make it like your side ‘Hustle’.
This used to work in the past, but it will certainly fail at this point in time because of this simple reason ‘Increasing Competition on the internet’.
Back then when there were only a few bloggers on the internet, you can just open a blog and make about 10 posts and Gbam, just like that you are the top of Google Search engine.
Even Facebook back then made room for more organic reaches, meaning that you could just have a page of about 1k likes and post anything and have about 50% of the people that like your page see your post and like or share with others.
Nowadays, even if you have a page of 20k likes/followers, you will certainly not reach more than 25% of your followers organically (i.e without sponsoring or boosting the post using facebook ads manager).
Now, you have to make a really juicy post with enough content that can make a user take action ( by sharing too or buying your product for Affiliate marketers )and then share on your Facebook and other social media pages, and boost (this is where your huge budget I mentioned in my first point will come to play).
Boosting simply means to make paid adverts for your post so that more people can see your post and you can now get conversions.
Believe me, this requires a lot of work. Only setting up a beautiful advert that would convert well on Facebook and probably other Social media pages will take enough time before you can get the hang of it.

3. Be Ready to make Original Blog Posts:

I know you would probably say this is the easiest part, but trust me, it is not.
An original blog post is a post which the blog owner writes that can undergo a Plagiarism Test and will pass. A blog owner is allowed to make research about his post, but just like this post you are reading now, you have to create content that can get to your users and certainly make them want to share this article.
copy and paste
Google does not like blog post that is copied off someone else’s site and then re-written to make it look original, Trust me , Google has advanced tools they use to check this and if your site's content is found to contain re-written blog content from other sites, you will certainly not be able to enjoy the benefits of ranking very well in Google’s search engine.
Also, images on your site although should not be new, but should undergo very good editing, resizing, contrasting or whatever you might think of to make the image unique.
If you collected such images from other sites, be sure to give those sites credits for the pictures using the caption option, include the sites name and the URL e.g below
Do not forget to always add the title and alternate tags for all your images, this is what helps Google include your site in its ranking.
Make the title tag longer while your alternate tag should be short and straight to the point.

4. Be Determined, Select a blogging Niche, Do the Right Thing:

This is a really important point for every newbie blogger to know, understand and apply.
The determination is what will make you succeed in this blogging business.
be determined to make your blog work and earn money
A niche to make it easier for you to understand is simply what your blog is all about.
For example, popular online platform is known worldwide as an online shopping site.
This is because that is their primary reason for launching their site.
You have to think of a particular sector you love so much and can probably spend the whole day talking about, be it sports, music artists, web building, affiliate marketing, celebrity updates, Downloads, products review,e.t.c.
I know some of these categories can be broad or more streamlined, make your choice.
This is to make your site an authority towards a particular topic.
Assuming a user wants to know the recipe for making pancakes or anything they can think of, one website that is already on their mind is
Make your site be all about some and post articles that will clearly explain or give step by step procedure of what your user wants to do.
A happy user gives a happy share.
5: Get Ready to Work for a while without Earning a single dime:
Many of the successful bloggers you know now probably left out the fact that they spent a specific amount of time on the internet working on their site without making a single dime.
You have to be ready to invest your money and know that at first, you will not see enough earnings or even any at all.
making money through blogging
It takes a little while in most cases over 6-months duration for Google Adsense to approve your blog to start placing Adsense codes on your site to earn money.

This is the right time for you to start building your site.
You have to use this time properly to create valuable articles, get your Contact Page, Privacy Policy page, Sitemap page, Advertisement and subscription pages on your blog, thus making it easier for your blog readers to access your content or contact you if need be.
This is also the right time to build your Facebook and other social media pages and start engaging new audiences. You do not necessarily need to publish posts from your blog at this time, to save budget, you can spend just little amounts in sponsoring your page for more likes and maybe upload a joke, new month message or anything you know would be enjoyable for your followers to see and like.
I will be sharing some mistakes Facebook advertisers make on their Pages (so watch out for it).
I hope you enjoyed these 5 simple secrets.
Feel Free to share this with your Social media Pages and Groups.
You can also bookmark this page to come back for more juicy updates.
Do have a really wonderful day ahead.
See you in my next post.