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Monday, March 26, 2018

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How I Escaped being Raped by a desperate Female fan – Ik Ogbonna reveals

» Date: March 26, 2018
Being rich, famous and very handsome certainly comes with its good and bad parts. Nollywood actor Ik Ogbonna in an interview with Sunday Sun has revealed a shocking true story of his encounter with a female fan who desperately wanted to have him in bed.
ik ogbonna and juliet ibrahim
Ik Ogbonna and Juliet Ibrahim
Ik Ogbonna who is already married by the way and have a son with his wife said that he decided to go visit his friend at his place as usual and always used to meet different girls, whom mostly turned out to be his die-hard fans.
This is what he said:
A female fan almost raped me.
I always go to visit one of my friends in his house and as usual, I do meet so many people at his place. It was no surprise when some of these people turn out to be my fans.
I did all pleasantries as appropriate and went into the house to rest since my friend was busy in the other room.
I was unsuspecting of the whole scenario and as I lay down to rest on the bed, one of the girls outside came into the room and we started talking and she sat on the bed. We talk for a little while when all of a sudden the girl started making unnecessary advances at me.
I just sat down there and looked at her.
She then tried to forcefully get into my pants which I declined.
It got to a point where she threatened she was going to shout and claim that I tried to rape her and turn the tables around.
Unknown to her, I was recording the whole thing on my phone, and when I played back the video to her, she was so ashamed.
The best thing about the whole situation was that I was at a friends place who knew such a thing could not happen.
I have a wife and a son and they are my world.
ik ogbonna with his wife and son
Ik Ogbonna, his wife and son
Ik Ogbonna is best known for playing the Bad boy role in most movies he is featured in.
He also reveals that he has started making plans to act other roles in movies as this would improve his versatility in movies and expand his capabilities as an actor, so it should not be weird when you see Ik as a pastor in a movie(Laughs).
Ik also took Sunday sun through his first experience shooting Agatha Amata’s movie ‘Disguise’ where he plays the role of a woman with long polished fingernails, brown eyelashes and an overall beautiful replica of a woman.
This is what he said:
“I thank God and the producer for casting me for the role and also the makeup artist who did a great job transforming me into a lady.
As an actor, I try to embody whatever character I am given. Thanks to the guidance from my director and support of my co-actors.
The hardest part of playing that role was rehearsing in those clothes, fixing eyelashes and nails. I almost lost a fingernail in the process, and it was very challenging pulling this through, but I did.
The makeup was very crazy, I had to sit down in a place for over 30 minutes for the makeup artistes to make me up and it was really crazy. I am happy I got to experience this.