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Monday, April 23, 2018

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Top 10 Upcoming Music Artists That are Trending in 2018

» Date: April 23, 2018
The struggle to become a Big Superstar in the Music Industry is a very tough one and that is why here at, we have decided to acknowledge the Upcoming Musicians and Rappers in Nigeria that are presently making a name for themselves.

We believe these artists are the future and are on the top watchlist for music labels and endorsement brands.

List of Top 10 Upcoming Nigerian Artists 2018

1. Dandizzy (Egweji)
2.Mr Shaa (Melody)
3. Legendary Sunny (Goodbye)
4. Attitude (Today)
5. Mars and Barzini (More Song)
6.Chief Obi (Carry Go)
7. Eejay (Hello World)
8.Bukunmi (Easy Easy)
9. Squeeze Tarela (Better)
10. Kidi (Odo remix)
Extras : Johnny Drille (Hallelujah)

Dandizzy The Egweji Crooner

Dandizzy whose full name is Daniel Tuotamuno Darius is no doubt the number 1 upcoming Music Artist right now in Africa.
Dandizzy Egweji
Dandizzy - The Egweji Crooner
The Port Harcourt based singer has broken records with his single ' Egweji. Dandizzy is a mixture of both swag and Talent and he is definitely coming for his spot.

The best part about Dandizzy's career is that in the short time of his career, he has been able to rake in Thousands of Youtube Views, been invited to top shows in Portharcourt and Nigeria including the AY show which is one of the biggest shows in Africa, get more downloads for his Egweji Video and is gaining more follower s on his social media pages with each passing day.

Dandizzy loves to be called The "Wave daddy" started his career in Portharcourt.

He cannot just sing, he is also an amazing dancer.

Once he was invited to a show in uniport, where Reekadobanks was to perform, and an interview was organized after the show and it was surprising to find out that fans actually loved Dandizzzy's stage performance more than any other Music act that day.

This throws more questions and makes the world ask ' Who is Dandizzy?'

Dandizzy is presently signed to Millionaire Family "Cadilly Entertainment" Record Label.

Dandizzy hails from Opobo in Rivers State, Nigeria.

In 2017, reports have it that Dandizzy has completed a transfer to Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy, but there has not been any confirmation from Mavin concerning this move.

Dandizzy is going to be the Next Big thing in the Music Industry, and this is a fact that we are not afraid to put out, and no, this was not a paid advert or sponsorship in any way.

If this was football betting, then Dandizzy would be our sure banker.

Watch the Official Music Video for Dandizzy 'Egweji' below.
Record Label: Cadilly Entertainment
Song Title: Egweji
Genre: Rap
Artiste: Dandizzy (Daniel Tuotamuno Darius)
Nick Name: Wave Daddy
Place of Origin: Opobo in Rivers State, Nigeria.
Best Known For Singing/Rapping and Dancing

Mr Shaa - Melody

Mr Shaa whose full name is Benjamin Lawrence and hails from Delta State is certainly a great force to reckon with when it comes to the Music Industry.
Mr shaa
Mr Shaa and his new sex doll - 2018
Although Mr Shaa has been into music for a very long time, he caught his big break when he released his single "Sugar" is certainly coming very fast for his spot.
Mr Shaa is a graduate of Covenant University with a BSc in Industrial Chemistry, a musician, a performer and a comic actor.

He has a very strong Ghanaian accent and started his career professionally in 2012.
Mr Shaa is also a good businessman, he recently launched his lounge 'Shuga Place in 2017' and then bought a sex doll for 1million naira in 2018.

He is presently signed to "Shacolet Music Group" Record Label before he released his trending Single "Melody"
Mr Shaa's recent Music Video for Melody is definitely solidifying his stake in the music industry.
Record Label: Shacolet Music Group
Song Title: Melody
Qualifications: Bsc Industrial Chemistry
Artiste: Mr Shaa (Benjamin Lawrence)
Career: 2012 to date
Talent: Comic Actor, Musician and an Industrial Chemist
Business: CEO Shuga Place
The Video is just amazing.Enjoy Mr Shaa - Melody below

Legendary Suni

Who doesn't know Sunny Eke popularly known as Legendary Suni in Nigeria?
Legendary Suni came into the limelight when he won the Coke Studio competition in Uniport and performed alongside Ice Prince.
legendary suni
Legendary Suni
The Sensational RnB singer is one great music artist to look out for in 2018.

He has so many original songs but the best is My Muse.
You can Download Legendary Suni - My Muse here quick and its just 3.12mb.

Suni has so many other songs done so many Covers for songs made by some other popular artists including All Of Me by John Legend. You can listen to Legendary Suni's entire album here and be able to download them after you have downloaded the Boom play app.

Suni has style, class and swag. You will mostly see Suni on his suit with a very nice hat to go with it.

Legendary Suni was also the Dare2Dream Talent winner and has performed in so many top shows in Portharcourt and Nigeria as a whole.
Look out for Legendary Suni.
Record Label: CoRekt Sound Records
Song Title: Goodbye, My Muse
Genre: RnB
Artiste: Legendary Suni (Sunny Eke)
Award: Coke Studio (Uniport), Dare2Drean Talent
Eejay has an Amazing Voice you will definitely Love
Best Known for his Amazing Voice and Spectacular Dress Style
Watch Legendary Suni -Goodbye Video Below


Attitude is one of my Favourite Musician in Nigeria. He is a really handsome dude who has the talent of really making his song stick to your heart even without consent.
Attitude - Today
Although Attitude is fairly new in the music industry as he has done a lot of collaboration with top Nigerian acts like Ycee, Reekadobanks, Timaya, Dj consequence and a whole lot of other artists.

His charm and style will certainly make you fall in love with his almost immediately.
He moved to Lagos in 2013 and started out as a songwriter and vocalist. In Early 2015, Attitude got signed to Skales' OHK Entertainment and Achievas Music Group.

Record Label: OHK Entertainment and Achieva Music Group
Song Title: Today
Genre: RnB
Artiste: Eejay (Emmanuel Julius)
Featured: Ycee, Reekadobanks, Timaya, Dj Consequence
Talent: Singing
Attitude is Best known for his amazing Voice and Handsomeness
 Attitude - Today Official Music video is all you need to listen to today to make your day.
Watch the video below.

Mars And Barzini

Alright, this is the only duo on this list. Mars and Barzini are two amazing rappers who have been able to make a name for themselves.
Mars and Barzini
Mars and Barzini - More Song
Mars and Barzini are signed to TGIF records. They are fairly popular to the Music Industry but have certainly been able to make their name and create a space for themselves in our phones, laptops and our hearts with their latest single 'More Song' where they dropped really dope lyrics.
Record Label: TGIF Records
Song Title: More Song
Genre: Rap
Artiste: Mars and Barzini
Talent: Rap (duo)
Watch Mars and Barzini - More Song below!!