Comedian SeyiLaw having fun in Essex, shares his story. |

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Sunday, April 08, 2018

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Comedian SeyiLaw having fun in Essex, shares his story.

Nigerian comedian, SeyiLaw, who is presently in Basildon, Essex has shared a little story about his struggles to become a better comedian.
seyilaw vacation pictures, Basidon Essex
This is what he said on his Instagram Page;
I bask in the euphoria of a successful tour. I can smile that something changed me and I discovered I can reach many heights if I choose. The new style on stage was influenced by anger, but it will take learning to navigate the new route.
This year, I have tried my hands in Canada, Dublin, London and Milton Keynes, but not many will know when in 2010, I spent the N450, 000 that was paid me for a show in Ghana to fly to London just because I wanted to open a new door for myself on the international stage.
5 years have gone by since I started the MUST LAUGH With SEYILAW BRAND in London, Dublin and Aberdeen. A lot of people will never know my sacrifice and how some of my colleagues and I have had to feed ourselves from our pockets while supporting our senior colleagues because the platforms meant a lot to us.
I look back now and I am grateful. I have lost money, but I have gained much knowledge. I have cried, but I have also found joy. I have nurtured fears, but I have held on to courage. "BE DELIBERATE" BE IN YOUR OWN DECISION. A MASTERCLASS WITH SEYILAW.

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