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Monday, April 23, 2018

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Little boy begging on the road offers Facebook User money to buy Coconut

» Date: April 23, 2018
So, a Facebook user, Ethella Amaramic Love shared this picture of this cute little boy who she claimed she had an encounter with at Anambra state earlier today.
children begging on the roadside

She claimed the boy approached her and was begging her for money but she declined to give the boy the money. The boy was eating coconut and so she playfully begged him for some. He gave her but she rejected it.

She said she was surprised when the boy dipped his hands into his pockets and brought out 100naira note from the money he has been begging that day and gave it to her to go and buy herself a new coconut.

See the Post below!!
"Something spectacular happened in my life this young boy(he begs) walked up to me today...he begged me for money I refused at he was eating coconut...I begged him for it....he hastily gave it to I rejected it...then he dipped hands in his pocket and gave me 100 he suffered to beg...that I should get myself coconut....and walked away....I looked for this boy in anambra today like I am looking for visa....finally found him ...he asked have I bought the coconut.....I swear it led me to tears....such a good heart...may God be with children like this all over the world....#God don't bless me with money only me will eat....I rather remain broke"