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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Mariah Carey Finally Opens Up About Her Bipolar Disorder Issue

» Date: April 12, 2018
Singer, Mariah Carey has finally opened up to the General Public about her Bipolar disorder issue which is a challenge she has been battling with for so many years.

In 2001, the news went around the internet that the singer had bipolar disorder, but she never made any statements about it, the news slowly died down.
Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey: I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2001 but I had to hide it because I was afraid of the stigma and the potential of the information to end my career.
In an interview with People Magazines Editor in Chief, Jess Cagle on Wednesday, Mariah Carey finally discloses she is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
The singer said she had known about this diagnosis ever since 2001 but was afraid to make it public because of the lifelong stigma she could experience which could potentially end her music career.
This Wednesdays interview marks the very first time the singer would ever publicly admit that she was Bipolar.

This was her reason for hiding the situation.
“I didn’t want to carry around the stigma of a lifelong disease that would define me and potentially end my career,” she said. “I was so terrified of losing everything.”
Mariah revealed that ever since the diagnosis in 2001, she has lived in denial and isolation and is in constant fear that someone could expose her, and that was why she had to come forward in the interview because the burden was too heavy to bear.

Mariah is currently in Therapy and taking medication for Bipolar II disorder.

Bipolar Disorder is a disease that can cause sudden and extreme shifts in mood.
Mariah Carey is not the only superstar who has come out of the shell to tell the Public about their health issues, one way or the other.
Mariah Carey bipolar
I was always living in fear that someone would find out I was really Bipolar, so I lived in isolation.
Chrissy Teigen in a bid to make her health issue public wrote an essay for Glamour Magazine, sharing her experience with PostPartum Depression.

Selena Gomez also told Vogue about her struggles with Anxiety and Depression.
In Mariah Carey's closing remark, this is what she had to say;
“I’m hopeful we can get to a place where the stigma is lifted from people going through anything alone,” she said. “It can be incredibly isolating. It does not have to define you and I refuse to allow it to define me or control me.”