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Saturday, April 21, 2018

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PDP, APC denies responsibility for SOOT issue in Rivers State

» Date: April 21, 2018

SOOT Problem in Port Harcourt originates from the activities of the Oil Companies licensed by the Federal Government...Governor Wike blasts APC

The All Progressive Congress APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have both been denying responsibility for the SOOT issue that has been affecting the state.
The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike (PDP) in a statement, instructed any group that is protesting or about to protest concerning the SOOT issue in the state to redirect their grievances to the Federal Government.

Governor Wike made this statement on Monday while he was inaugurating the Neighbourhood Saftey corps Agency.
soot problem in rivers state
The Federal Government is deliberately using this SOOT to depopulate rivers state- Wike tells United Nations
Wike urged all soot campaigners to take the protest to the Federal Government in the interest of justice.
This was Governor Wike's exact words;
I hear that people want to demonstrate that there is soot in the state.  Help us demonstrate against the Federal Government and we will all be happy. “This is because we have no control over the sources of soot. Do I go to shutdown the Refinery? Will they not say that it is economic sabotage? Do I even have the security? Do I control the Police or the Army to go and stop oil production  at the refinery?”
Following this statement by Governor Wike, the Publicity Secretary of APC in Rivers State, Mr Chris Finebone reacted, saying that Governor Wike lacked the idea on how to tackle the soot issue that is affecting the state.
Mr Finebone further added that it was the responsibility of the state government to end this environmental problem, The Governor was being disingenuous with his statement and we are not surprised that he mad such a mendacious statement.

Mr finebone reveals that this soot issue remains a problem that the state has been unable to tackle for years now because they have not set up and Environmental agency especially on this matter. There is no part of the Nigerian constitution that prevents the state government from setting up an agency to combat this situation.
soot affecting clean air in rivers state
Oil companies that are licensed by the federal government are responsible for the soot issue in rivers state- Gov Wike blasts FG
Mr Finebone further added that it would have made sense if the governor listed actions that the state government has undertaken to stop this soot situation in Port Harcourt rather than claim that his government has done the needful.

Meanwhile, in a quick reaction to Mr Finebone's reply, the Organizing secretary of the PDP, Hon. Fyneman Ohaka blasted the  APC, says they are myopic for saying that it was the responsibility of the state government to tackle the soot problem in the state, adding that Governor Wike is very right in his statement and that the activities of the oil companies that were licensed by the Federal government were responsible for the Soot.

Fyneman further asked the Federal Government if it expected the state Government to tackle this problem they created with the state allocation?
Effects of soot
Effects of SOOT in rivers state
This soot problem is a very serious problem that the government has not made attempts to put a stop to. There is no clean air to breathe and virtually every single thing is getting contaminated. The Government need to put politics aside and tackle this issue as fast as possible.