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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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Pro-Buhari Group calls for the Arrest of Deji Adeyanju Over Alleged Sedition

» Date: April 11, 2018
A Pro-Buhari Group, BMSG, which stands for The Buhari Media Support Group have called for the Arrest of Deji Adeyanju over an alleged Sedition committed on Tuesday during his Channels Tv Programme, "Sunrise Daily".
Deji Adeyanju
Mr Deji Adeyanju
BMSG, through a statement signed by its Chairman, Mr Austim Braimoh, and its Secretary, Mrs Cassidy Madueke claimed that during the programme, Deji publicly claimed, without any proof, the President Buhari was whisked to a UK Hospital the moment his plane landed in the UK on Monday.

The Group alleged that such statements made by Deji on his programme that is watched by so many Nigerians are totally false and is capable of creating an uncomfortable situation in Nigeria, which could lead to unrest and instability.

In their Statement,  the group claimed that Deji Adeyanju is very notorious for his mischief and falsehood and is deliberately trying to incite Public uproar. Deji has also taken to his social media accounts on several occasions, to make completely false statements about the Buhari led APC Government.

The Group went ahead to call on the Security Agencies in Nigeria to immediately put a stop to his incitements, as they say, it would be detrimental to the stability and social order of the country.
They called for the Arrest of Mr Adeyanju.

The Group further called on the General Public to discard such statements from Mr Adeyanju, as they are false and are made just to incite public disharmony.
However, Mr Deji Adeyanku, reacting to this statement from the BMSG, said that he is waiting for the BMSG to come and arrest him, and if they do not, he will know that they are "lily-livered".