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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Drake Announces New Song “Scorpion” To Be Released in June 2018 {Anticipate}

» Date: May 23, 2018
Drake took to his Instagram page to announce the new project which he will be working on “Scorpion” will be released in June 2018.
Drake Scorpion

The rapper who has had a really wonderful year with two of his recent hits being top 3 in the Billboard charts has announced that he will be working on Scorpion.

Fans have been asking what his Scorpion Project would be if it is a single, a video or an entire album.

He also had a Custom made  Gold Necklace branded with a Scorpion at the centre.
drake scorpion necklace
Drake Makes a Custom Made Scorpion Necklace for his Scorpion Project in June 2018
Seeing as Hypeman Dj Khaled was also pictured holding up a Scorpion Jacket and even wearing one, it is already clear that this project is going to break already made records and whatever it is that Drake and the entire Scorpion Team have in store for us is going to be very amazing.
Dj khaled Scorpion
Dj Khaled holding up a Drake - Scorpion Jacket
Anticipate as we bring you more about the Scorpion Project once we find anything new.