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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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PMB Re-Election will be Very Easy - Lai Mohammed Declares

» Date: May 23, 2018
The Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Lai Mohammed, Told Newsmen that the President Muhammadu Buhari led Government will emerge victorious in the 2019 general elections because they have Fulfilled their Promises to Nigerians.
Lai Mohammed
Minister of  Information and Culture, Mr Lai Mohammed while inspecting the Ibadan-Illorin Road in Oyo State.
Mr Lai Mohammed gave this declaration while he was inspecting the Ibadan-Ilorin road project in Oyo state.
His exact words were
“We are so confident that our re-election would be easy,”.
Minister Lai Mohammed claimed that the Federal Govt has fulfilled its promises to Nigerians in terms of Infrastructure, social intervention and the everyday working for the people.

Lai also said that he believes that the President has not lost his goodwill because of the massive Projects he says he is embarking on.

In the area of Infrastructure, the minister further assured the general public that PMB administration now has enough funds to ensure that the road Projects are completed at the appropriate time.

He said in addition to the Presidential Infrastructure Fund, the Federal Government has also floated aa whooping 100 billion Naira Sukuk Bond which has been shared to the Six Geopolitical Zones for critical infrastructure Projects.

The Minister further said that despite the wild criticism from the PDP, the PMB led government will never relent in executing its promises to the good people of Nigeria.

The Minister said the road remains very significant because it’s the gateway to the South-Western part of the country from the North and has been under severe strain from heavy-duty vehicles since the collapse of the railways.

The Federal Controller of Works in Oyo State, Mr Omotayo Awosanya, said the Project, which was awarded in 2010, is now 58% completed due to the commitment of the present administration to delivering the project.

“The Project was initially awarded to contractors but there was no proper funding until PMB regime provided the funds.

Mr Lai Mohammed also pointed out that the Federal Government’s school Feeding Programme caters for and feeds about eight million children across primary schools.

“We are working for the common man in this country. As of today, we feed 8.2 Million Children in primary schools in Nigeria.

We employed over 87,000 cooks, covering 24 states out of the 36 States in Nigeria and includes over 62,000 primary schools, Mr Lai added.