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Friday, August 31, 2018

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How To Subscribe 1gig for 500naira on MTN Pulse

» Date: August 31, 2018
Mtn Pulse introduces the 1gigabyte subscription which costs just 500naira. This is not a tweak or a secret code but is an official subscription code rolled out by MTN Pulse and as such does not require any additional software for it to work.

This 1gb code for Mtn can power all social media applications, can be used to Download, stream on Youtube, watch online TV's and so much more.
how to migrate to mtn pulse and subscribe for 1gb for 500naira

There is a downside to this subscription, which is the fact that the  1gig Mtn Subscription code for 500naira is only valid for 7days  (1Week).

How To Subscribe for MTN 500naira for 1gig Subscription codes and how to check Data Bundle Balance

Follow these easy steps to enjoy this subscription as an Mtn User.
  • 1. You have to Migrate first to Mtn Pulse by simply dialling *406# on your phone's dialer and send. You will receive a message about your migration to the Tariff Plan
Note: You are Charged 0.00naira if this is the first time you are Migrating to a Tariff Plan this Month and 100naira if you have migrated before. So your first Tariff Migration for every new Month is absolutely Free.
  • 2. Successfully Migrating to MTN Pulse, all you have to do is recharge your phone with the 500naira recharge bought for the 1gig subscription.
Note: You can recharge both electronically through your bank or pos or through scratch cards, it doesn't matter.
  • 3. Dial *406*2# which is the Subscription code for MTN Pulse 1gigabyte for 500naira Data plan and Immediately, 500naira would be deducted from your account balance and you will be credited with 500MB plus 500MB bonus Data to browse the internet.
Note: After dialling the code and a menu will popup asking you to proceed by Typing 1 and send.
Then another menu will appear telling you that in a few seconds, a popup will appear for you to select if it is going to be a One-off Subscription (That is just a one time subscription and no auto-renewal) or it is a Recurrent (i.e auto renewal every single time the subscription is about to expire,)it is solely your decision to select 1 or 2.
  • To Check your 1gigabyte data Balance, you can simply send 2 to 131 or dial *559*68# and a message containing your data balance will be sent to your phone.
You should note that the Bonus Data cannot be rolled over into a new weeks subscription even if auto-renewal is activated.

Other Benefits of Migrating to Mtn Pulse

1. Free 20MB for all Recharge of 200naira and above
2. Mid-Night Browsing of 125MB for 25Naira, 250Mb for 50naira from 12am to 4am Daily
3. Continuous Subscription of the Night Browsing Data Plans as Much as Possible as long as it is from 12am to 4am.
4.Cheap Calling Rates for both MTN to MTN and MTN to other Network calls.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Ask us any questions or call for assistance, you will receive a response promptly.