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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

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Harry Potter New Game Leaks Online - What do you think about it?

We all love the Harry Potter Movies, but have you thought about the game? The Producers of Harry Potter Earlier this year announced that they are working on a brand new game for the Harry Potter movie which got so many fans very excited.

We haven't heard from the Producers again until earlier on, a video of the supposed new Harry Potter game leaked on the internet.
harry potter new rpg game
Harry Potter New RPG game leaks online
The source of the leak was identified to be an upload from Reddit Games Section but fans have taken a look at this game and there have been mixed comments about it.

So many loved it while some expressed their displeasure.
We think this AAA Harry Potter game looks to be the game fans have really been dreaming about.
The game comes with custom Playable characters from the movie and the ability to learn as a Hogwarts Student.
You also get to select if you want to play the good guy or the bad guy. The Official release date for this game has not been announced yet.

Please Tell Us what you think about this Game.


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