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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

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Meet Callie Terrell, the Worlds Oldest Hairdresser for 73 Years

» Date: October 02, 2018
Her name is Callie Terrell and she is the Worlds Oldest Hairdresser. She has been into hairdressing for over 73years and she said she loved making hair so much and only plans to retire in the November on her 100th Birthday.
Callie Terrell the worlds oldest hairdresser

Callie Terrell is Tennessee's oldest hairdresser and the oldest in the World.

The Elderly lady is from Memphis, Tennessee in the United States.
She obtained her Cosmetology license in January 1945 and has quite a large number of loyal clients.

Terrell says she rents a booth to stay active doing what she loves, this was what she said when interviewed-
“I work because this is what I’ve enjoyed doing all my life. From a little girl, I always loved messing with my sisters’ hair. They had beautiful hair. And I always enjoyed doing this,”
"Being a contributing member to society by means of employment is a feeling many of us take for granted. I’m not used to just being up in the house. You see, I worked so long I’ve just been around people and doing something exciting. Most old people, they’re so dry and droll. I can’t deal with that. I gotta live and do the things that make me happy.” 

Terrell revealed that her secret to staying this long in the job and enjoying it is just by keeping herself busy by making her customers hair, as this is what makes her very happy.