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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

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No Governorship Primaries held in Lagos - Apc Chairman declares

» Date: October 02, 2018
We earlier reported that the results of the APC lagos state primary election in which Babajide Sanwo-Olu was declared the winner with 960 votes and the Incumbent Governor Akinwumi Ambode had only 4 Votes.

Well, the head of the electoral panel set up by the APC to conduct the Governorship primary Election in Lagos just declared that no Primary Elections held in the state on Tuesday.
This information was revealed just a few hours ago.
Despite the fact that thousands of APC party members in Lagos showed up in their various wards to vote, making a choice between the incumbent governor Akinwunmi Ambode and challenger Babajide Sanwo-Olu.
Apc lagos governorship primary election

According to Premium times correspondent, they claimed to have been on a phone call with the Chairman Clement Ebiri who told them that he was not aware that any APC Primary elections held as all the election materials they brought from Abuja are still intact.
Clement Ebiri who was appointed by the APC headquarters to Oversee the governorship primaries in Lagos State also repeated the same statement at a press conference today in the state.

At the press conference, Ebiri said that the representatives of both governorship aspirants failed to furnish the committee with the list of their election monitors.
This was his words:

“Yesterday we were told to adjust our modalities to suit the open ballot that the state is clamouring for and we told them that for us to do that, both parties will present a list of representatives from all wards that would represent them in the election and it wasn’t provided,” Mr Ebri said while responding to a question on whether Tuesday’s primaries had been cancelled.
“Anything that was done without the list we waited for, I can’t wait for a list for over nine hours and I didn’t see anything and you expect me to go ahead? We had a meeting with the representatives of the aspirants as early as 8am and we told them to bring lists of representatives from each LG to monitor the election on their behalf. I got names for 20 LG reps from one side and only got seven from the other side and we just got for additional eleven LG from them.
“And you don’t expect us to go on with an election where one person is represented and the other is not. I believe what we have decided is the best. There was no election and we will communicate when materials for the election will be distributed and election conducted.”
Earlier today, while he was addressing the media, Mr Clement Ebri said the NWC had been “dotting their I’s and crossing their t’s to ensure that the victory that will be procured at the end of the day will be celebrated by both parties.
“Because there are two major contenders in the primary election, they needed to take their time to prepare well in other to ensure that they were fair to both parties.”
Speaking further on preparation delays, Mr Ebri said they were “waiting for the state chairman to provide them with certain information that would aid their preparation and only got the information from the chairman barely an hour ago.”

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