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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Principal flogs NYSC member serving in Secondary School in Akwa Ibom

» Date: October 23, 2018
A principal of a Government Secondary school in Akwa Ibom, Mr Friday Udoka was reported to have flogged a serving Nation Youth Serving Corps Member identified as Miss Olaitan Adeola Kolawole who was posted to the school.

The Nysc body summoned Mr Friday Udoka to their Office in Uyo on Monday for Questioning.
principal flogs nysc member
The Secondary school principal who flogged a corps member in Akwa Ibom
Photos circulating over the internet revealed that the principal flogged Miss Olaitan and she sustained serious injuries from his actions.

Investigating the cause of the situation, We gathered that Miss Olaitan wrote the name of her friend, Dolapo Victoria in the Schools attendance register on Friday, 19th October 2018 while the said Victoria was absent that particular day.

The Principal revealed that he was so Angry and that was why he flogged her.

Further investigations revealed that he did not only flog her and injured her, he also dragged her outside the classroom in front of the students.

Mr Friday, however, denied this action, saying he only flogged her and that was because he was very angry.
In his words, he said he has never beaten a corps member before. This was his exact words'

"No Man is Perfect, i have never beaten a corps member before and I am very sorry for using a cane on Corper Adeola. I am very sorry for what happened."
"When i got back home that day, i felt very bad for beating a woman. It is not true that i dragged the corper out of my office and flogged her before the students, I am a father and I did not know what happened and I behaved rudely with you, Please Forgive me."

"This mistake will not repeat itself again and whatever is the cost for your treatment, I will pay," he told Adeola.

Responding to his apology, Miss Olaitan said that she had no reason not to accept his apology seeing that he is elderly. These were her words:

"For an Elderly man to apologise for his mistake, I have forgiven him and accept his apology. My parents wanted to take the matter up but I will talk to them not to pursue the case the way they wanted to".

Also speaking on the incident, the Commissioner for Education in Akwa Ibom, Victor Inoka said he would make a personal donation of N50,000 to Miss Olaitan to pay for part of her treatment and recovery.

We gathered that the NYSC Coordinator, Mr Amusu Julius had already started writing a report about the case but was stopped when the commissioner asked for a meeting for both parties to reconcile and settle the issue amicably.