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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Jeff Bezos 'The Worlds Richest Man' Gives $100M To Address Homelessness

» Date: November 20, 2018
The Founder and Ceo of Amazon, Jeff Bezos who is also known as the World's Richest Man is giving away $100 million to address the issues of Homelessness in America.

This decision marks his biggest Publicly announced Charity Donation ever recorded in the World.

The Amazon Ceo announced his plans to give $97.5  to two dozen nonprofit organizations around America to provide services for homeless people in America.
Founder of Amazon - Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos - Founder of Amazon
Jeff announced that the first round of his donation will be conducted as part of his Day One Fund which he earlier announced in September this year.

Jeff had pledged a whopping $2 billion to help homeless families in America and also create a Montessori-inspired Preschool for America.

It is safe to point out that Jeff Bezos himself is a product of a Montessori School.

In his outline, Jeff that the nonprofits that would be receiving this funding are located in Washington DC, Omaha and San Francisco.

These nonprofits provide emergency and short-term shelter for families in need and also provide Permanent Housing for most.

Each nonprofit is slated to receive $2.5 million or $5 million to be used to help them expand their scope and impact of their efforts.

One of the Nonprofits identified as 'Urban Resource Institute' in New York announced that it plans to use its $5 million to boost the job training and placement it can provide for homeless families and would focus on jobs that pay more than minimum wage.