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Friday, November 23, 2018

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Armed Robbers Raid Calabar Microfinance Bank

» Date: November 23, 2018
Robbers just invaded and completely raid the Microfinance Bank in Calabar located on Bassey Duke Street, Carting away Huge Sums of Money.

The robbery happened in the afternoon yesterday and the robbers took away large sums of money, the exact amount has not yet been summed up.
microfinance bank
A Banking Hall
According to a staff at the bank, the robbers were five in number. They came to the bank at around 3: pm, parked their car outside, forced the security man who was on duty along with the bank manager, Mr Dennis, who was outside at the time to move into the bank.

They got into the hall and commenced their operation and then left a few minutes later.

These were his words:
They asked everyone, including the cashiers and customers, to lie down facing the floor before they broke into the bank vaults and carted away all the money they found there, and also took all the money they found at the counter.
He further explained that the cashier was injured in the process
They hit the cashier on the head with the butt of their gun, took away all the money with him, loaded it into their bag and went away.
The Microfinance bank is owned by (Cleric) Bishop Josef Bassey and Mr Nkeruwem (the former manager of Cross-Lines) and P.K Ogar.

The police were later contacted concerning the situation, Ms Irene Ugbo, who is the Cross River Police Public Relations Officer revealed that she has not yet been briefed on the case.

She also said that the police command never received any distress call from the bank.

The Patrol Policemen stationed close to the bank also claimed they did not see anybody or aware of any robbery.

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