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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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US Soldier Reunites with Son after 9months in Afghanistan [Video]

A US Military officer identified as Captain Cody Lucas has given his son a birthday surprise by showing up to his Football game, unknown to his son.
US Soldier reunites with his son
Soldier reunites with his son after 9months in Afghanistan

Lucas was supposed to be in Afghanistan serving in the military but unknown to his son, he came back to surprise him.

Both Father and son have not seen eachother for over 9months. His son is a Clemson Tiger Footballer at the Clemson University and it was game night as the Clemson Tigers went head-on against Duke University.

His son, Ty Lucas is a Freshman in the University and this was his first game.

As the players returned to their locker room after the game, Ty saw his father and ran to embrace him. This was an emotional sight to behold and caused quite a scene.
Watch The Video below


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