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Thursday, November 22, 2018

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[Video] Ogun Police Beats Woman Brutally, Gives her 3k naira as Compensation

» Date: November 22, 2018
There is serious outrage in Ogun state as reports confirm that the Ogun State Police Officers beat Woman brutally among other traders and almost got her blind.

This situation got worst when the DPO allegedly offered her 3,000naira as Compensation for the terrible beating this woman others and the got from the officers.

Reports have it that the victims of such police brutality were among other traders who were returning from the market but were accosted by Ogun police officers who accused them falsely of being armed robbers.
police beat woman in Ogun
The Victim of Police Brutality in Ogun State
They refuted such allegations by the police and this denial earned them severe beating that almost cost this lady her sight.

She was not the only one beaten by the officers, but her case was more severe than the rest.

Even after beating them, the said officers further dragged them to the Lafenwa Divisional Police Headquarters in Abeokuta.

On getting to the station, they reported the case to the DPO who later came and apologized to them and further proceeded into giving them 3,000naira to treat their injuries sustained from the beating.

The case was later leaked to Human rights activist who are now calling on the Ogun state Commissioner of Police, the Zonal Commander for Zone 2 and the Inspector General of Police to investigate this matter and get the victim very good medical care as the  women are catering for their children and this situation would make them unable to go to the market until further notice.

The Activists further called for adequate compensation for these women.

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